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 Virtually everyone wants it.  What is it?   Marriage!  Maybe you are ready to get married now.  Or, maybe you think you are too young to young to marry.  Even though you have been thinking about marriage since your first date, you are too young.  Or, are you?  If you are a woman, you graduated from a college or university, and you have a few years of work experience, then your age is probably very close to the average median age for a first marriage.  A male with similar experience is also very close to the median marriage age for males.  This does not mean it is time to marry.  It just means that the marriage decision may very well come up early in your life, when you are making many other decisions.  Figure 1 shows the simplicity of the marriage decision - either you decide to marry or not. 

 Figure 2 shows the same decision model with the approximate divorce rate for first time marriages.  Yes, the long-term divorce rate for first time marriages is about 40%!




Marriage is for the long run.  And, divorce can occur anytime during the long run.  The main point of the analyses is to show a long-term, 40% probability of divorce, but the longer you stay married, the less likely it is you will divorce. 

Tips and advice from experts may help with your marriage.  In your decision to marry or not, you need to understand there are three somewhat common themes in which both partners need to have an ample personal level of satisfaction.  Since there are two people in every marriage, you have two people continually evaluating their personal satisfaction level in these themes with their marriage reality.  One may be happy and one may be sad.  There may be a time or many times when the husband is satisfied with marriage but the wife is not satisfied with the marriage, or vice versa.   

You can increase the likelihood a successful marriage by developing an understanding of how you (and your partner) are willing to trade-off common themes.  For some people there is no substitution between the themes.  For some couples, the required level of satisfaction for the themes will be set by only one of you.  Your understanding of this successful marriage tip  will give you the ability to make a better marriage choice.   

Divorce does not assure happiness.  But, time may bring back happiness to your marriage.  Remember, the odds for a successful marriage are still in your favor. 


 If you are facing a marriage decision, then there is help.


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