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Suppose itís time for you to select your first job or any job for that matter!  Hopefully you have many employment offers. Life is good when this happens.  Success is within your grasp!  Don't let the stress of selecting the optimal job offer upset you. 

 Your first job in your chosen field is an important career step.  Your first career job can be a springboard or a blemish. 

Your first career job sets an anchor for future opportunities.  New skill sets will bring about new opportunities.  But, you need to be given job duties that allow you to develop these new skills. 



Your job offers can be evaluated with criteria to screen out any offers that may not meet your minimum requirements or minimal level of satisfactions.  Examples of objective criteria are: 

  • Your career starting salary may be initially low.  But, most everyone has minimum salary and benefit requirements.

  • You may have a location preference

  • Company size may be a criterion in your decision. 

  • You may have quality of life issues.

 For your decision after applying objective screening criteria use technical or emotional criteria Technical criteria will focus on your further developing career skill sets to advance your career.  Emotional criteria will focus on your satisfaction with your work environment. 

Examples of technical and emotional criteria are: 



  • Will I gain needed experience

  • Will I enjoy this environment

  • Will I be given good assignments

  • Will I enjoy my supervisor and peers

  • Is this a line or staff position

  • Is there a feeling of stress in the company

  • Will there be any mentoring available

  • Are employees given positive feedback

Each of the criteria can have multiple outcomes with different levels of satisfaction.  The outcomes also have various probabilities of occurrence.  These outcomes, satisfaction levels and probabilities need to be developed by or for the decision maker.  The information is then used on a decision tree to select the optimum job opportunity.


If you are facing a new job decision, then there is help.



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